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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Sep 30, 2020

A cozy home goes beyond just warm and inviting; a cozy home is a place that welcomes you into an experience! It is something that warms your soul, not just your body. It invites each person who enters to instantly feel like family.


Creating a cozy, welcoming environment isn’t just about the aesthetic of fuzzy blankets or accent pillows. The secret to a truly cozy home is engaging ALL FIVE SENSES.


In today’s episode we will talk about evaluating your space with fresh eyes incorporating elements that engage all 5 senses. You don’t need to hire an interior designer or drop a ton of money! I share several simple, cheap ways to cozy up your space right away and make your house a home that your family wants to come back to again and again.


Episode 14 Takeaways:

+The goal is not visual perfection. TOO perfect is actually less inviting.

+The right music can instantly set the tone for your home and invoke good emotions.

+Physical affection creates a cozy home and a warm embrace can help lower stress.

+Food is a powerful tool for gathering people and creating authentic community...the ultimate in cozy.

+You don’t have to be fancy; loving people well and inviting them to your table communicates "cozy" more than anything else.


It doesn’t take much to create a cozy home, but the benefits are amazing. If you pay attention to each of the 5 senses as you work to create a cozy environment, your family and friends will LOVE the full experience. Your house will feel like HOME.


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