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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Sep 30, 2020

A cozy home goes beyond just warm and inviting; a cozy home is a place that welcomes you into an experience! It is something that warms your soul, not just your body. It invites each person who enters to instantly feel like family.


Creating a cozy, welcoming environment isn’t just about the aesthetic of fuzzy...

Sep 23, 2020

What did you dream about before you became a mom? Did you want to travel the world? Start your own business?  Maybe you wanted to be a missionary or travel the country in an RV?


When we become moms, our natural instinct is to sacrifice our own wants, needs, and desires for the sake of our children. But at some point...

Sep 16, 2020

So much of a healthy marriage is about healthy communication. And healthy communication involves being able to identify and talk about your emotions in a safe way.


So....what do you do when your spouse doesn’t want to talk about their feelings?


There’s actually a LOT you can do to help your spouse feel...

Sep 9, 2020

Sooo…what do you do for your birthday as an adult? Buy an ice cream cake? Throw yourself a party and blow out a ridiculous amount of candles? Wallow in your sorrows with a giant tub of Rocky Road?


Adult birthdays can be pretty…anti-climactic. Especially since we have to, you know, work and stuff… So for many of...

Sep 2, 2020

Welcome Back to the Family Culture podcast! How do you help your child when they’re struggling with anxiety? Do you make friends with the monster in the closet or just pretend it doesn’t exist?

It’s hard to see our kids feeling afraid, so lots of times we try to find a quick fix — a bandaid approach to our...