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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Feb 3, 2021

What does gender equality look like in a marriage? 


Does it mean equal division of chores? Non-traditional roles? Or what if it's not really about either of those things?


When Michael and I got married, we were determined to practice gender equality in our marriage. But the more we tried to do what we THOUGHT was equal, the more frustrated we became.


Is it possible that you can have equality in your marriage no matter who does the dishes?


That's exactly what this episode is all about! I'm diving into the secret behind TRUE gender equality in a marriage and sharing 5 tips to dividing up roles & tasks so you feel like you're on the same team.


Key Takeaways from Episode 32:

+ A same team mentality is the key
+ Get to know your partners default expectations
+ Lean into each of your strengths
+ Think creatively for the tasks you hate
+ Express appreciation daily


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