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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Jan 27, 2021

Do you have the perfect husband?


You know, the one you dreamed of when you were a little girl watching Disney princess movies, stretching your arms out wide and throwing your head back as you belted out Part Of Your World from Little Mermaid or wished upon a star that one day you, too, would find your perfect prince and live happily ever after.


Wait, was I the only one who did that?


Okay, so maybe your spouse isn't as perfect as you had originally hoped. But how do you change them into the best version of themselves?


Or is there more to this story?


Join me for this fun episode where I unpack how to change your spouse (and yourself) in 4 simple steps:


Key Takeaways from Episode 31:

+ Recognize your most important role

+ Love changes people more than criticism

+ Take charge of your thoughts about your spouse

+ Become their biggest cheerleader

+ Partner with God's perspective


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