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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Sep 9, 2020

Sooo…what do you do for your birthday as an adult? Buy an ice cream cake? Throw yourself a party and blow out a ridiculous amount of candles? Wallow in your sorrows with a giant tub of Rocky Road?


Adult birthdays can be pretty…anti-climactic. Especially since we have to, you know, work and stuff… So for many of us, we just downplay it and pretend we don’t care. 


But celebrating birthdays is actually a really important part of building a healthy family culture, believe it or not. 


So, what if you reimagined your birthday this year and gave it more meaning than a dried out cupcake and a cheap birthday card?


Today, I'm talking about 5 things you should do surrounding your birthday to make it great.

Episode 11 Takeaways:

+Celebrate birthday WEEK

+Take time to reflect, grieve, and let go

+Set your intention for the coming year

+Get creative in celebrating with people you love

+Take a personal retreat

+Allow others to celebrate you--it's a great example to your kids


Whether birthdays have a good association for you or you’ve struggled with them, I want to give you permission right now to let go of the idea of a “perfect birthday.” Just let it go! Your birthday is not about a single day. 


Birthdays are about recognizing and choosing to thank God for another year of life. Sure, we’re not perfect. But life, in all it’s chaotic twists and turns, is a gift. Celebrate it.

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