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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Jun 3, 2021

June is here and summer is ALMOST officially here as well, so it’s the perfect time to plan your summer!


As I’ve been thinking about what I want this summer to look like, though, I’m taking a different approach than what I normally would.


Instead of planning everything I think we should DO, I’m asking myself…who do I want to BE this summer? What do I want this summer to FEEL be marked by? And who do I want to work on becoming?


So before you get sucked down the rabbit hole of summer activities, take a few minutes to listen to this episode and set your intentions and priorities for this summer first. I promise you'll be glad you did.


Key Discussion Points:

+ Setting your intention for summer

+ 5 questions to guide your summer planning

+ Focusing on being over doing

+ The secret to a peace-filled summer


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Have a great, peace-filled summer!