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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Oct 14, 2020

In the days & weeks following a miscarriage, life can feel like a swirl of chaos and emotions.


So how do you move forward from the pain & devastation that is miscarriage? There’s no magic formula for “getting over it,” because it’s just too deep and too real to be treated that way. 


But through my own grief journey and in working with others who have lost little ones, I have found that these 5 things truly help the process.


Key Takeaways from Episode 16:

1: Acknowledge the reality of your baby

2: Make meaning of the loss

3: Give yourself time to grieve

4: Remember your little one

5: Begin to move forward


There is no one way to grieve or one timeline that works for everyone. Don’t expect yourself to just “get over it” because someone else you know did.


Everyone’s grief journey is different.


Take care of your heart and find safe, meaningful, forward-moving ways to grieve, because remember…


Your baby matters, and so do you.


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