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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Sep 16, 2020

So much of a healthy marriage is about healthy communication. And healthy communication involves being able to identify and talk about your emotions in a safe way.


So....what do you do when your spouse doesn’t want to talk about their feelings?


There’s actually a LOT you can do to help your spouse feel more comfortable talking about emotions without you ending up doing all the emotional work in your relationship.


In today’s episode, I’m going to share 6 of the most common things that could be behind your spouse’s lack of communication about emotions, as well as 7 practical tips for moving forward into healthier connection and conversations!


Episode 12 Takeaways:

+Work together as a team to understand each other’s unique emotional expression.

+Family culture and its effect on emotional expression

+How trauma and experiences impact your emotions

+How to make communication a safe place in your marriage

+Where to start in getting your spouse to open up


Being able to talk about your emotions in a healthy way is a process. Even for two people who both feel comfortable talking about their emotions, there is still a process of learning each other and being able to find a safe way to talk about emotions together as a couple.


So don’t give up on it! Instead, work together to grow in this area and let the process of figuring it out make your marriage stronger.


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