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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Jan 6, 2021

What do you want your family culture to look like this year?


Your family culture will play a bigger part in shaping your kids than any goal, habit or routine that you set in place. 


The beginning of the year is a great time to take inventory of the culture of your home and family and make a few small tweaks that will have a huge impact.


In this episode, I'm diving into what it looks like to set your family up for success this year with 7 Simple Ways to Shape Your Family Culture in 2021.


Key Takeaways:


+ Invite God’s love & presence

+ Focus on your personal culture

+ Invest in your marriage

+ Establish your family values

+ Prioritize connection

+ Shape the language of your home

+ Choose grace


Want to intentionally establish your family values? Grab your free Shape Your Family Values Guide here!


Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the Family Culture Podcast! 


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