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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Mar 17, 2021

Yes, Teenagers. One of the scariest words in the English dictionary.


When I was doing middle-school counseling and serving as the youth leader for 7th-12th graders at my local church, this is the sentiment I picked up from most people I spoke with.


But here's what I learned from working with teens and hearing from their perspective about family dynamics:

They are not that different from us. They’re not impossible to understand. And most importantly of all, deep down they DO want to connect with you…their parent. They actually desperately crave your love, support and acceptance….even when it doesn’t seem like it.


On this episode, I’m sharing a few simple keys to help unlock the perceived complexity of these tumultuous years and pave the way for a healthy, life-giving relationship with your teenager.


Key Discussion Points:

  • Understand their developmental stage
  • Focus on the primary goal
  • Use the listening formula
  • Balance warmth and boundaries
  • Give yourself grace to learn as you go
  • Love them through it

Thanks for tuning in to this episode! 

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