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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Nov 25, 2020

When it comes to the holidays, most couples have slightly different expectations and different needs....okay, somtimes VERY different expectations. Plus, this happens to be a particularly busy and even stressful time of the year for many people, even when we're NOT in a pandemic.


But in the midst of the holiday season and all the busyness it holds, staying connected with your spouse is so important and can actually help BOTH of you (as well as your kids) to feel more at peace and truly enjoy the holidays.


So today we’re talking about 6 ways to stay connected with your spouse during the holidays.


Key Takeaways from Episode 22:

+ Openly communicate your expectations
+ Decide together what to be bad at
+ Create boundaries with extended family
+ Schedule intentional time to connect
+ Tune in to your spouse’s needs
+ Respond to each other’s bids
Be sure to grab your free copy of these 25 Holiday-Themed Connecting Questions for Couples:
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