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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Sep 2, 2020

Welcome Back to the Family Culture podcast! How do you help your child when they’re struggling with anxiety? Do you make friends with the monster in the closet or just pretend it doesn’t exist?

It’s hard to see our kids feeling afraid, so lots of times we try to find a quick fix — a bandaid approach to our child’s anxiety. We say things like “Don’t be scared” or “There’s nothing to worry about” or “You’re fine.”

But, unfortunately, these responses rarely make it better and can even make your child's anxiety worse! So what CAN you do when your child is struggling?

On today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through 3 simple steps to help your child when they are feeling anxious.

Episode 10 Takeaways:
+ Anxiety looks different for each child
+ Choose in advance how you will respond
+ Connect & comfort before "fixing it"
+ Inspect the situation - what underlying factors are there?
+ Re-direct your child's anxious energy into intentional action
+ Get help when you need it

You have a powerful opportunity to walk with your child through anxiety and use it as a learning experience NOW while they are young so that, when they’re older, they are better equipped to handle it on their own.

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