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Family Culture with Beth Hoff

Jan 13, 2021

As parents, we don’t really WANT to discipline our kids. We would much rather they just do exactly what we want, right?


If you’ve been a parent for any length of time, you know that discipline is one of the hardest and most intimidating parts of parenting. And there are a THOUSAND philosophies out there about the “right” way to do it.


It’s easy to complicate discipline, but today I want to simplify it. I’m going to be sharing 3 essential elements that serve as the FOUNDATION for positive discipline. And they all come directly from the life of Jesus.


So if you’re ready to take the DREAD out of discipline, this episode is for you.


Key Takeaways from Episode 29:

  • Discipline isn’t one-size-fits-all
  • Family is the foundation
  • Positive Discipline is actually Discipleship
  • Discipleship is a relational model
  • It’s not about control; it’s about connection
  • Modeling, Teaching & Empowering are key


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